Introducing Friends to Gaming

Last weekend, my wife and I went on a long weekend with another couple.  This couple knows that I am “into gaming”, but they really don’t know what that means.  We had to have the talk about “yes, like Monopoly but not really anything like Monopoly”.  I rattled off the names of some of the […]

Down the gaming rabbit hole

I was at Gen Con this year with my Gen Con 1996 shirt on.  It was Saturday of Gen Con, which is my “Gen Con 1996 Shirt” day.  It comes out once a year and, even though it is 27 years old, I am hopeful it outlives me with being only worn once a year.   […]

Convention Musings

This was the first table of Wizard Miners at Gen Con in 2017.  Look at the horrible sign on the table; more homemade art with minimal talent.  And yes, for those familiar with the game, there are no tool cards!  WM started with a player mat and chits to keep track of the tools purchased.  […]

Getting started on the Blog!

So, a first blog post.  I am hoping that a few find their way here after Gen Con, interested in Wizard Miners and what the progress is on finally getting the game published.  So, let’s start there with some stress-relieving whining… Let me tell you, new board game designers!  The learning curve is HUGE!  I […]